Frequently Asked Questions

We want you to fall in love with our product, that's why we guarantee our quality or your money back!

What if my product arrives broken or defective?

Simply give us a call within 10 days of receiving your order and we will replace it free of charge.

What if my product is not as expected?

If you receive a product that does not match the description online or you feel the quality isn’t up to standards, we will work with you to provide a product that will satisfy expectations.

What is considered Custom?

Custom orders are numbers with backers, illuminated address signs, reverse cut and underline.  All custom orders are made to suit your unique taste and specifications. For this reason; all custom orders will be a final sale unless there is a problem with the sign or connections. There will be a 20% re stock fee on any custom order we accept back. 

It says Money Back Guarantee? 

We offer money back on the following products - illuminated LED house numbers, metal house numbers, and unopened power supply (plug in and hardware) and dusk - dawn sensor.  Any custom orders with backers, illuminated address sign, reverse cut and underline are final sale. 

What if I break something during install?

Please call us and we will be happy to work with you to provide replacement.

What if my product does not light up?

The most common problem is usually a loose wire or a power supply with reverse polarity.  Contact us and we will walk you through the problem.

When will I receive my order?

Our products are made to order.  We will prioritize your order in our workshop and rush production to ship in a timely manner, with production and shipping time is roughly 3-4 weeks.  With Covid restrictions there may be slight delays in shipment.  Please be patients.

Where are you located?

We are located in Edmonton, Alberta. 

Do I need a Power Supply for my Illuminated Numbers and Illuminated Address Sign?

Yes, the power supply connects your numbers to main power without it the LED's will overheat and burn out.  We offer both hardwire and plug adapter options.  Your sign will draw less than 5amps total.  Do not connect the numbers to the main power - you will blow the LED's. 

Do I need Bolts and Washers?

We don't provide bolts or washers.  If you are thinking about attaching the numbers to your own backer or fence - please let us know and we can provide them in your order. 

Love the products but can I create a custom design?

Yes, please send us an email with your idea at