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Multi-Family Development

Door Plaques

Discover a Variety of Decorative Door Numbers for Easy Identification. The right apartment door numbers can also coincide perfectly with the rest of the multi-tenant housing complex's aesthetic

Multi-Family Development

Custom Designs

Discover the Uniqueness of our Multifamily Housing Facility Custom Designs. We are experts in creative design services for any multi family apartment or condo complex architectural style and design.

Each multifamily unit comprises distinct areas, amenities, parking specifications, and wayfinding demands. Consequently, a tailored strategy is essential to ensure that every sign aligns with your brand, stays current with trends, and meets ADA compliance standards.

Multi-Family Development

Signage Packages

House Numbers Canada will work with your team to ensure a fluent design flow from door number signs, wayfinding, directional, fire escape signs and more.

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ADA Compliance


We offer optional Raised text and Grade 2 Braille for door number signs or informational to ensure each sign or number is ADA compliance. Ideal for maintaining or establishing a room numbering system that's easy to follow and of course with a stylish touch. ADA can be added to any custom design package.

Multi-Family Packages


When partnering with our team, we collaborate to meticulously address all your signage requirements, crafting a cohesive theme that seamlessly integrates architectural elements, style, and color schemes. This encompasses a comprehensive array of signage types, including door signs, directional indicators, informational displays, guidelines, parking garage signage, restroom signs, reception displays, and beyond.

Leading Experts in Multi-Family Signage across Canada

Multifamily units present a wide range of opportunities for signage and wayfinding. In bustling urban environments, vibrant designs and contemporary styles and colors can captivate prospective residents, elevating the appeal of your apartments and positioning them as highly sought-after residences in the city. In suburban settings with more room to maneuver, monument signs and thoughtful environmental branding can foster a sense of community and instill a feeling of belonging among residents.

  • Multi-Family Directory

    Our selection of quality and affordable directory options makes updating your condo complex or apartment building signage easy and economical

  • Design Stage

    Let our experienced design team work with your group from initial design stages to completion. We welcome the challenge each location brings and welcome the opportunity to work with your group.

  • Quality Guarantee

    Our team will work with your group on initial design stage, material selection and provide final concept designs or physical samples if needed to ensure 100% satisfaction with our signs or numbers.

Multi-Family Modern Styles

Selecting a dedicated sign supplier is a significant decision, and at House Numbers Canada we stand out with an extensive range of custom sign options, colors, and fonts, surpassing any other sign company.

Our array of signage choices is unmatched by competitors, providing you complete control over the colors, fonts, and design elements. Creating the perfect sign is quick and easy, with the added assurance that all designs are ADA-compliant, verified through our ADA color contrast analyzer, offering a preview of your sign's visual impact. Your only challenge will be making the final decision.

Preview Your Signs

Our dedicated staff of expert designers will ensure each project allows you to effortlessly preview your sign's text and color combinations, eliminating the need for guessing, if requested we can also provide a physical sample to ensure deliveries. Not only do you see exactly how your signs will appear, but you can also trust that they will enhance the aesthetics of your walls.

Planning Service simplifies the process of obtaining the precise signs for your multi-tenant building. Just upload your blueprint or floor plans to our website, and our sales support team will incorporate the necessary signs, providing a detailed explanation of their optimal placement within your facility. Our signage planning service is both payment and commitment-free, ensuring a hassle-free sign quote in a matter of days.

Expertise in ADA Compliance

ADA compliance extends beyond services and amenities to every aspect of construction and design, including signage. Let us handle ADA compliance, so you can focus on other aspects of your project with confidence.

Custom Designs

Whether you're seeking to enhance your current signage for greater impact or embarking on a new venture and aiming to generate excitement around your complex, House Numbers Canada is your solution. Our consultants provide specialized insight on material selection, texture options, lighting considerations, sizing, branding strategies, and ADA compliance. For optimal outcomes, trust the industry's leading experts.

Let us assist you in crafting the premier living experience. Just send our experienced team building plans, renders or ideas to get started. We treat each project with care and attention to detail.

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