How To Quickly & Easily Install LED House Numbers

How To Quickly & Easily Install LED House Numbers

How To Quickly & Easily Install LED House Numbers

Step 1: Preparation

Before you begin the installation, you'll need the House Numbers of your choice and the right tools. (Tape, Level, Drill Gun with ¼” Drill Bit, Caulk)


Back of a house numbers with screws in the back of themStep 2: Insert Screws

Insert Screws into the threaded holes located in the back of the number. *Double check if the screws match up to the pattern before drilling (Next Step)*


House Number Pattern on a wall

Step 3: Attach The Pattern to Wall

Place pattern on the desired location, then use a level to make sure they are perfectly level before beginning. Once the house numbers pattern is levelled and in the right spot, tape the paper to the wall to keep it in place.


Drilling into a wall with a pattern

Step 4: How to Drill House Numbers into Your Wall

Using a 1/4” Drill Bit, Drill each hole that is indicated on the paper, Including the hole dedicated for the cables.


Caulk filling a hole in the wall

Step 5: Caulk the Drilled Holes 

Start to add the caulk in the holes meant for the screws and leave the hole for the wire for now (Align the house number with screws to see which ones need to be filled first).


Metal Number getting placed into the holes

Step 6: Place House Numbers into Holes and Pull Wires Through

Then place the number with the screws into the holes, but do not put it in all the way. You will now pull the wires through the wall and fill in the hole with caulk.


number on the wall

Step 7: Push to Desired Distance

Then push the numbers to the desired distance from the wall and leave for the caulk and drill to set in place.



Step 8: *IMPORTANT* Connecting To Power Supply



NOTE: Do not connect to the main power supply. Doing so will result in blowing the LEDs. You will need to purchase a power supply. Ask an electrician to help with the main connection to the house.

NOTE: When connecting multiple numbers or letters connect each number together to the power supply +-, then the main power to the power supply.


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